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Guidelines for Resources processing

These guidelines focus primarily on resource description procedures and their entry in the catalog as well as the subject indexing policy applied to represent the content of these resources. It responds to the needs of information retrieval of real and potential users on-site or remotely.


The cataloging policy is based on the International Cataloging Principles adopted by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA, 2009).

The bibliographic description standards used to describe all types of resources are the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2.0. A transition strategy to the new RDA standards, more adapted to the digital environment, is being put in place and the transition should take place in January 2019.

Cataloging Formats

The cataloging format used by LLRC is the Marc 21 format. Ultimately, the library's BibFrame format should be adopted for better support of digital resources.

Cataloging level

The level of cataloging adopted is the basic level including:

  • - Maximum of 2 assigned subject headings
  • - Access points: only for the main relationship links and important titles (usually a maximum of 2 in addition to the main heading, the title proper, the parallel title and the collection)
  • - NLM (for resources in medicine) and LC classification (for resources in other disciplines)
  • - Authority records created for the headings

Standards for authorities

The author authorities are managed by:

Anglo-American Cataloging rules, Chapter 21

Guidelines for Authority Records and References, IFLA, 2003

Indexing policy

The indexing languages used for the resources in English language are the following:

MeSH subject Headings, for resources in medicine and medical sciences

LC Subject Headings, for resources in other disciplines covered by LLRC

In Arabic language:

List of Subject Headings of Chaaban Khalifa

Arab expanded Thesaurus of Mahmoud Itayem

ALECSO Thesaurus

UNBIS Thesaurus


The classification of the National Library of Medicine (USA), for medicine and medical sciences and classification of the library of congress for other disciplines.