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Chart of the Library & Learning Resource Center

The AGU Library is one of the most important university libraries in Bahrain. It works actively to gather resources and provide services to students and researchers through two specialized sub-libraries: the Medical Science Library and the Science and Technology Library.


We aspire to be a leading library in spreading knowledge and providing services to support teaching, learning and scientific research, encouraging entrepreneurship and exploration, and helping to build an innovative university


  • - Build an integrated collection of high-quality resources
  • - Enhanced access to virtual or physical information
  • - Providing innovative services adapted to the evolving practices of users
  • - Provide a favorable environment for learning, teaching and scientific research


Leadership: We seek to establish pioneering practices in organizing information to cope with the rapid transformation of information society and higher education curricula.

Innovation: We adopt innovative approaches in management and services to meet the user's needs.

Service: We provide the best services based on competent staff and the latest developments in information technology.

Cooperation: We build effective partnerships with national, regional and international academic libraries to share information and experiences.

Structure and Governance

LLRC consists of two main sites, the Library of Medicine and the Library of High Studies, to which are attached the resource collections of all disciplines.

The different departments attached to the LLRC ensures the application of professional practices and working procedures. They are responsible for the management of collections and the provision of services to users.

The LLRC manages its relations with the academic structures and faculty members of the University through a coordinating unit of liaison librarians.